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1.8 bar WG spring, running problems etc.

MHLIGGINS@aol.com wrote:
>      I've got the 1.6 and 1.8 bar springs to match up with the >QLCC(Stuckey) and the K-24 turbo.  So far I've only installed the 1.6
>bar spring, it gives 1.7 bar max indicated.  So I've decided not to do
>anything else until I get a proper boost gauge installed.  I suspect
>I'll be pulling the spring and going back to stock until I can find >time for the gauge install.  

You may want to go back to the stock WG spring and stock ECU (if
possible) and get the car running correctly before raising the boost
using the stiffer WG spring and the modified ECU. Running the engine
with more boost but without the correct fuel or timing is not going to
help you find the problem nor is it good for the engine.

> It seems to be
> running with the timing retarded most of the time. 

Do you have another knock sensor to try out from the previous engine or
from the donor dual knock sensor MC engine? If the knock sensor is
defective or intermittent, you could be running around with retarded

>Even with 1.7 bar indicated the acceleration is not that great.  
>I suspect I've got plenty of boost, but not enough timing to make it
>run well.  The old engine, in stock trim with high miles, would run >0-60 m/h in about 10 seconds.  Tried it twice
> last week with 1.7 bar indicated and got one run at 10+ seconds and
> another at 13 seconds.  Not what I expected, obviously.  A couple >30-70 m/h runs in third gear netted 15 seconds one time and 12 seconds >another.  

Something is seriously wrong, the stock 5000TQ with MC engine with 1.4
bar boost should turn a 0-60MPH in ~9 seconds and the 30-70MPH in 3rd
gear should be 10-11 seconds.

> I'm not sure what sensor I'm looking for yet, but sooner or later I'll
> get it replaced and this car should run VERY well.

Assuming there are no vacuum/boost leaks, the compression is ok? the
throttle switch has been replaced? and the fuel pressures (system and
control) check out ok?, the fuel distributor plunger is moving freely?
and the injectors are spraying correctly?, double check the Flywheel TDC
mark and cam timing? try another knock sensor? No ECU codes I assume?
Air temp sensor resistance and connection wiring ok?

Did you transfer the knock sensor from  your old engine or use one from
the dual knock sensor MC donor engine? You may also want to check the
resistance of the ECU coolant temp sensor. Multi-function temp switch
terminal 2 is not grounded? this will limit boost using the stock WG
spring....a long shot.....the dual knock sensor MC engine uses a
different air flow metering CIS assembly (same fuel distributor though),
but it seems odd that it would run that poorly with the earlier setup.

If you have exhausted all of these possibilities......pray to the Audi

Scott Mo.
1989 200TQ
1988 5000TQ
1966 VW Beetle