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SJM 1.8 bar WG ...etc.

     I've got the 1.6 and 1.8 bar springs to match up with the QLCC (Stuckey)
and the K-24 turbo.  So far I've only installed the 1.6 bar spring, it gives
1.7 bar max indicated.  So I've decided not to do anything else until I get a
proper boost gauge installed.  I suspect I'll be pulling the spring and going
back to stock until I can find time for the gauge install.  At the moment the
travel schedule is so hectic I'm not sure when I'll get it done.
     I'm still trying to debug something else with mine.  It seems to be
running with the timing retarded most of the time.  Even with 1.7 bar
indicated the acceleration is not that great.  I suspect I've got plenty of
boost, but not enough timing to make it run well.  The old engine, in stock
trim with high miles, would run 0-60 m/h in about 10 seconds.  Tried it twice
last week with 1.7 bar indicated and got one run at 10+ seconds and another at
13 seconds.  Not what I expected, obviously.  A couple 30-70 m/h runs in third
gear netted 15 seconds one time and 12 seconds another.  Also not as I had
     With the old engine the acceleration was not always the same.  As
mentioned sometimes it ran as if it had full advance, other times it didn't.
I'm not sure what sensor I'm looking for yet, but sooner or later I'll get it
replaced and this car should run VERY well.
     In the meantime it's just another '87 quat with a low mileage engine.....

     Marty Liggins
     84 4KSQ (Little Red Quat)     
     87 5KTQ (Big Silver Quat)
     87 5KTQ w/91 10v engine, K-24, QLCC, Scottmo wg spring, & adj. wg