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Re:S6 differential switch

At 04:10 PM 6/10/98 -0700, Matt Rooke wrote:
>Bingo.  Growning up in Michigan, the sage driver's ed advice on 4WD
(pickups, Bla(h)zers, etc- ie, pre-quattro) was:
>Always drive in 2WD.  Get stuck?  Switch to 4WD and drive away.
>But if you always drive in 4WD and you get stuck- too bad!
>I've applied this principle with great success to the rear diff lock on my
'91CQ.  Very disappointed to hear this "help
>button" is not present in newer q's.

If by newer q's you mean cars like the A4, they don't need this button
since they have Electronic Differential Lock.  This is a similar system to
that used on the M-class Mercedes except only on two wheels.  The ABS
system applies the brake to a spinning wheel thereby transferring thr
torque to the other wheel.

Paul Wilson