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RE: Need pics of prototype Audis/spy photos of Audis

Was built in 1973.  Looks like a very smoothed out Lancia Scorpion.  
Here is the write-up.

The key feature of this Bertone design is stated in its name: Trapeze.  This 
is, trapezium shape-not body, but the seat arrangement.  For Passenger 
comfort, the 2 front seats were very close together, while the rear seats were 
placed far apart-against the cars side-with the engine housing lying between.  
This arrangement flew in the face of most mid-engine designs that typically 
incorporated barely enough room for 2 small dogs.  But in the Trapeze the rear 
occupants could stretch out their legs, thus allowing a car within a rather 
short wheelbase.  The rear track measured seven inches wider than the front 
track because of the interior seat arrangement.  The rounded front windshield, 
six headlights, and the color-purple inside and out- gave the trapeze a bit 
more distinctiveness.  

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> I have a book with a picture of the Spyder, Avus,  NSU Ro 80, Audi Trapeze, 
>  and Quartz.  It is called Cars Europe Never Built.  Its by Sterling 
>  publishing.  Has about 350 cars in it.  Very good coffee table book.

What is the Audi Trapeze....this is a car I've never heard of, fill me in!