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RE: 7.1 vs 7.11- The myth and the Legends of Porsche v. Audi

>So ...
>Should I continue using the green stuff in the 91? >>>  YES
>Is it a problem if the two are mixed?>>>  YES, they operate under different
>Does the red stuff have a different Audi P/N?>>> NO, it doesn't have one at

7.1 (mineral oil) and 7.11 (synthetic mineral oil) are two different animals
and are NOT to be interchanged.  The top of your Hydraulic fluid resevoir
should give you the proper fluid guidelines for your car.  Audi PN G002 000
should be 7.1 mineral oil.  My understanding is that there is NO 7.11
synthethic AUDI application thru 1999MY, and further, audi has NO part
assigned to 7.11.  My understanding is that  7.11 is actually a synthetic
version of 7.1 that is used in most PORSCHE applications, and has a
proprietary porsche part number, and is red in color.  

I have heard this comment for a couple of years regarding the 91 forward cars.
To date, I have no reference of any audi car using them, and I've done
steering racks in several 91> cars, all calling for G002000 (7.1) mineral oil
on the top of the HFR.  I also cross checked this with the local Porsche/Audi
dealer here in Highland Park, IL.  They too, have no audi applications listed
for 7.11.

Best advice is to read the manual and/or the top of the HFR.  The parts guys
really don't always have the answers.  I think the biggest problem is Pentosin
7.1 and 7.11 come in the same color can.


Scott Justusson