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RE: R-134a conversion on 5kcstq

I'll second that......better to stay with R12...
heavily involved with a major AC OEM supplier

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> Hairy green toads from Mars made Wallace White say:
> > I'm currently in negotiations for the 214k mile 5kcstq, but
> whether I end
> > up getting it or this other one, I'm going to need a new A/C compressor.
> > The shop that will be doing it recommended doing a R-134a conversion at
> > the same time, but I am not excited about the increased pressures needed
> > for R-134a and other considerations. Any recommendations or BTDTs?
> Don't do it.
> The system was designed to use R-12. R-134a uses different pressures,
> and (as one lister who WTDT just posted) doesn't cool very well in an
> R-12 system.  The R-12 isn't THAT expensive, and a charge will last
> a long time (10 years each on my 2 old cars).
> Just refill with R-12, and be cool.
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