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Ersatz S2 project update, long

Well, it's the end of week one of project Ersatz S2.  I played hooky (sp?)
and spent the morning and early PM at the shop working on the engine,
swapping parts off the CQ onto the 3B.  The project is coming along OK, I
guess.  The engine is out, and the whole front of the car removed.  George
and wrench Cory wound up dismantling most of the dash, so the seats are out
(to make workspace) and there are small pieces of Audi everywhere.  The
engine compartment is spotless, having been steam cleaned (all that yellow
stuff you may see is aged bees wax they spray on as a preservative), and
then painted.  Painted because George is a frigging perfectionist and after
removing the battery box, had to make it appear as if it never were.



Right now, we're planning to use the CQ ps/AC/alt.  Everything bolts right
up, except that the AC conflicts with the 3B oil filter mount.  So we may
mount it remotely.
Use the CQ motor mounts.  Holes need to be drilled/tapped on the driver's
side mount to accomodate the turbo coolant pump.
The 3B flywheel won't work, different design.  I swapped mine for Bruce
Bell's S4 flywheel, but the CQ would've worked just as well.  We're
lightening it, likely lose only 4lbs, but out toward perimeter where it
counts most.
I'm using the RS2 manifold, and I'm here to tell you, you wouldn't want to
put this on after the engine is in the car.  One nut took half an hour using
a fancy snap-on ratcheting open end.  BTW, stock sized studs are too long,
had to trim most with whizzer.


Incredibly, this may not be the major chore I'd expected.  The CQ and 200
fuse boxes are the same pn.  About 85% of the harness appears to snap right
in, and the parts that don't are idiot lights and gauges.  We'll tackle this
first thing next week.
As I removed my ignition wires from their box last week, rubber around the
boots crumbled right off.  So I ordered new Magnecors which arrived and look
great (although they're mostly hidden on the 3B).

Other fit issues:

For now, I'm sticking with the stock exhaust, although may remove one
muffler.  I'm doing this the cheapest possible way.  The car I drove in SF
had this set up and worked fine even w/Ned's stage I, so I'll upgrade
exhaust later.  If I can get away with it, we may just use a length of
flexible 2.5" stainless and a 2.5 to 2.0 adapter to couple CQ exhaust with
3B downpipe.
After going through the same measuring and investigating as Rick Zehr
regarding battery placement, we're just going to bungee cord an Optima down
in the back while I order the S2 battery box and later put it under the rear
seat where God meant it to be.
I'm more convinced than ever that you want the 200tq 3B engine, not the S4
ABY engine to do this:  Many parts, for example, the coil, many connectors,
are identical on the two cars.

Well, that's it after week one.  Hard to say are we on budget; I'd guess
not, surprise.  A lot depends on wiring next week, and then plumbing, and
finally stuff we don't know about yet.

How can YOU help?  Well, I really need a new auxiliary CQ radiator.  I still
have a few parts unsold:  CQ engine, CQ air box, CQ bumper cover, 5-mph
bumper assbly, one 3B stock exhaust manifold.  If I've promised you parts
and you haven't got them yet, my apologies:  I meant to bring them back
today, and forgot in my rush to leave the shop.  I'm was driving Mrs. H's
ovlov wagon, and she needed it by 3p.  Sure will be nice to get my own car
back...  ;-)

Brandon Hull
ersatz S2 in-the-making