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Re: S4/6 Suspension Upgrades

 My '93 S4s, even with the new Firestone SZ50's, is starting to wallow, and it
ain't just the rear bushings.
 I've collected all the options now available as inserts for the S4, which
I'll list from top $$$ to bottom. Eibach Prokit springs (1.3" drop front, 1"
rear) are available for the best price from RD Enterprises, $231./set
      $1450. Abt springs/Bilstien (~specially valved) from AMS
       $ 934. Eibach prokit/Bilstien Sport from RD Ent./TAP
       $ 787.     "         "   /Spax adjustable from RD Ent./Ron's Parts
       $ 760.     "         "   /Koni Sport (~adjustable)  from RD
       $ 663.     "         "   /Bilstien Heavy (same dampening as sport) RD
       $ 585.     "         "  /Boge TurboGas from RD Ent./Wolf Sport
 The recommendations were split on whether to add the rear antisway bar from
the '92. ???Comments??
 Any suggestions? Any comments on Spax, since I like the easily adjustable
feature for track vs Winter snow driving, but know nothing about them ( the
Koni's are adjustable only if partially removed!)? Any upgrade stories?
 Glad to have the time to be back on the list.
 Jonathan Fenton     JEFDO@aol.com
 Waterbury, VT
 '93 S4sIA3