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RE: Green badges? We ain't got no stinkin' badges.....

I have been on the track with both and they seem to be pretty well matched.  
No one has let me drive their Ur-q yet on the track :-( so a direct comparison 
has not been done by me.  The one ur-q I did drive on the road felt like it 
had a stiffer structure and maybe a little better balanced.  But not quite as 
light on its feet as the 4kq.  Steering and brake feel is better in the 4kq by 
a long shot.  I am not saying the brakes on the 4kq are better just the feel.  
Could have been a shot bomb.

Pat Martin
864000csq turbo, 2 1/2 cat back, H&R-Boge, MC and loving it.  Drilled and 
stopping it. Koenig Cobra 16x7 with Yokohama A520's turning it,  K&N and 

84 4000sq   AKA: The beater.  Mods:  NOT BLOODY LIKELY!!!
95 subaru legacy 
Bothell, Wa

The 4kq definitely has a charm of its own but I'm not sure anyone is going to 
confuse it with an Ur-Q ... it's true the Ur-Q is a heavier car by a few 
hundred pounds but it really doesn't feel that way on the road or even the 
track, for reasons I don't entirely understand.  Perhaps the best of all 
worlds is a turbo conversion on a 4kq ... has anyone with one of these 
directly compared it-back-to-back-against the real thin