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Clatter/clicking from alternator side of 200...


By my previous post about oil pressures I indicated that I managed
to reduce the lifter clatter heard from the top of the engine by
doing a oil change to a decent oil (Castrol Futron 20W60 semi-synth).
I am now able to once again hear the clicking I used to get
since last year. This comes from underneath the car, turbo side of
the engine at the alternator's location, can also be heard from the
top of the motor from the turbo side, but not from the spark plug side.
The clicking sounds like lifter clatter, just a bit louder. The
alternator had new brushes/bearings done last year. Has anyone
had clicking from the alternator end of the MC Gen-1 motor? Is this
normal? Should I just get myself a rebuilt alternator (with possibly
a high output that what I've got now)?

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