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Re: 1.8t Beetles and Wheel Dillemma [2]

If anyone is interested, BBS make the RX (model RX 220, 8 sets of
cross-spokes, similar to the RZ look, but the RZ was replaced by
the RZII with 10 sets of cross spokes, and supposedly both the RZ and
RZII are no longer being made by BBS) and this comes in a 16x7,
112mm x 5 bolt pattern, with a 42mm offset.

I am still thinking of getting 16" or 17" BBS RZ wheels to replace
the 15x6 RZ unit I have. If anyone knows of an online site offering
a good price on these wheels (except tirerack.com) then please let
me know.

Oh yes, Autoquip (local BBS distributor) indicate a price of R2900
(South African Rands) for a set of 4 BBS RX 17x8, that's some $540
for a set of 4. Could not determine what The Tire/Wheel Rack are asking
per RZII/RX wheel, but something like $200 came to mind.

Sorry for interfering in the thread if this info is irrelevant.

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