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Re: 1.8t Beetles and Wheel Dillemma [2]

Steve Manning <stephenm@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> At 09:42 PM 6/15/98 -0700, you (Osman) wrote:
> >
> >HA!!! That's all I got to say about anybody having aftermarket 45mm ofset
> >wheels in stock. Compmotive (like Jeff Goggin's 200) will build em for me,
> >as will Fiske. Of course Fiske' only builds modular wheels. Just in case
> >you are wondering, the Fiske's run about $3000/set.  Momo Arrows (like
> >Igor's got) run a 38mm offset and I know they will work since he uses them.

HRE will make your wheels with any offset you want, I believe.

I'm glad I finally found out how much Fikse's are BTW, thanks.  Would that 
price be for the bolt on, or the center lock series?

> >Finally: The beetle 1.8t. YES.. the plans according to the VW regional
> >representative is to place the 1.8q in the beetle. I heard rumors of this
> >during Beetle product training. However, coming from the BIG GUY in the NE
> >(as far as dealer reps go)... this is a strong statement. Expect to see
> >1.8t beetle's running around fairly shortly... it could be this fall, it
> >could be next spring. 

I thought this was already known.  I guess it was just a prediction, but I 
think one of those would be pretty cool.  Potential competition for the 
Corrado in the coolness department.  Not exclusivity tho', Corrado's 
weren't offered in lesser models.

> >I personally hope they call it the Super Beetle again.. 

That's an idea.