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RE:center vent again

<<People told me to put some sort of filter over the intake 
<<for this vent.  However i can't find it, i looked by the 
<<firewall on the passenger's side and i did not see

This is pretty easy, you just need to know where to look.  Open the hood, and
back by the firewall you will see a black plastic cover that goes from the
firewall to the back of the hood, and goes between the fuse box to the
opposite side of the car.  Pull this off and underneath you will see a white
box, this is your HVAC system.  If you look on the far passerger side of it,
you will see the opening where air is sucked in.  There should be a screen
there, but the glue that holds it in place is known to give out after 8 years
or so.  Without the screen, it is sucking leaves directly into your car's vent
system.  PUt the screen back on with some contact cement and you should be

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