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Re: archive searching

>      I use an antiquated (by computer standards) BBS and Qwk
>      compressed packets downloaded and read offline.  I request
>      ALL the Quattro archives via email (takes a few MB) and
>      then use the excellent search capabilities of my Qwk mail
>      reader to look for pertinent information.  I haven't done
>      this in a long time, so I don't know if you can still
>      get the archives through email requests, something
>      was mentioned a while back about shutting this
>      option down on the system.

I once asked Dan how much space would be required for a mirror
of the archives, and he kind of waved the question off. If I could
get them e-mailed to me, as you were able to do, then I could use
the Alta Vista Personal Search Engine to search a local copy of the

I don't mean to suggest that this would be a good option for everyone,
but I would really like to be able to do it.

Always looking for new sights (oops, that's Nueva Vista,
not Alta Vista).... -Doug Q
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