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Phantom Message Seemingly Sent By Me (0% Audi Content)


I'm sure I'll receive individual replies from every subscriber
to the list before this message gets out. I have no explanation
for the subjectless bodyless message posted to the list seemingly
by my email address. My sent mail folder does not contain any messages
which match the Date header field in the message everyone is
sending me.

So I didn't send it. On an unrelated tangent...

My employer's company has a web page, and like most, we provide
a feedback capability via MAILTO:, which can't capture the email
address of the user. You have to rely on the user typing in their
e-mail address. However, the headers do allow you to know the site
of the message's origin. Well, we got a nasty message today, and
I was able to construct a circumstantial trail to a former employee
who quit about a year ago. Gave it to the boss to deal with. Seems
strange then that after I bust somebody, this message goes out as
if from me.

Probably just a coincidence. Maybe the list software malfunctioned
in such a way as to result in this empty message going out. On the
other hand, if anyone can send me full headers, I'd sure like to see

Sorry, and Thanks! -doug q
-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)       [Call me "Doug"]
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