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Re: Naming this child...

Phil Payne wrote:
> In message <358716A6.C4C9DB98@novagate.com> Sargent Schutt writes:
> > Qlist is exclusisionary of non-q owners.
> "Q" doesn't have to mean quattro.  Long-established tradition has
> stealth police cars known as "Q cars".

Right, it can also reference the Q45, as in Infinity. Or a ship, a police car,
or quattro. So it's can be argued that it is either exclusionary or ambiguous. 

The ship reference Bob brought up is where the Q-ship reference came from, I
assume. Stealth automobiles (with potent abilities) are referred to as Qships
over here (Hence Scott's QSHIPQ Handle, neh?). Across the pond too?