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Price for hood +fender+Headlight?

I've decided to repair my 87 5Kq which was attacked by an angry deer. I need
a hood, driver's side fender, and headlight for the same side. I will be
taking it to a friend of a friend to be repaired and he may want me to find
the parts as he spends all day at a real body-shop. I'd just like a
ball-park estimate for what these parts are going for before I go hunting.
Anyone in the New England area have anything I could use?
BTW, my friend "fell asleep" while driving on 91south in CT in his mom's
stationwagon and the guard rail was kind enough to wake him. $2200 in damage
but had it fixed for $650 and it is flawless(so far as taurus wagons go).
From:  dgrady@ct2.nai.net