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RE: The friendly Quattro List

> all figures out.  I've noticed A4 owners are kinda indifferent(I used to
> get regular looks from male Audi drivers driving 5k and 100/200's.)  One
... I've also heard offline from A4 owners that they don't feel
comfortable/welcome on the q-list.  I recommend that we can the
stereotypical talk about the A4 owners ... as someone pointed out, much of
the trash on A4.org might just as well be trolls ...

As the A4 owner and I discussed, most of the old timers on the q-list are
here to keep our trusty steeds running without having to break the bank,
something that the A4 owners are not having to deal with.  I wish the q-list
could be a place where A4 owners (or A6, A8 or S8 owners for that matter :)
can come to discuss the fun things they are doing to/with their cars and how
well the upgrade packages are working; while those of us stuck with cars 10+
model years old can chew the fat on window wiring in the driver's door hinge
... :)

We do still like to dream! :)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)