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16x8 on 89 200q

       Thanks for my mistake of sending a message intended for Bob M to the
list, I mentioned that I got a set of BBS RF's for my car from a fellow
lister (Fred Smith a.k.a. "Smitty"). I just wanted to thank Fred for
meeting me earlier today and selling me the wheels at a reasonable price.
Thanks Fred.

Now.. due to my earlier e-mail mistake, I got a message warning me about
how far the fenders (at the rear) will have to be "rolled" or "bowed" out
to fit the larger wheel. Now I'm a little worried about it, so I thought I
should post to the list to ask if the Baseball Bat Method (BBM) is gonna do
the trick, or am I looking at a really difficult situation? 

Thanks to John K for the message on fitment. Thanks to the many others as
well who have been helping me along. 

I plan to run 205/50's on the car. Luckily the car has got completely shot
rear struts right now. If I can get the wheels/tires on the car friday, it
should be really easy to see how difficult the rolling of the rear fenders
gonna be. Does anybody have any comments on this?

My concerns: (1) Wheels simply too wide to accomodate within reasonable BBM
bowing of rear fenders.
(2) 205/50's too narrow to fit on 8" wheel. 
(3) 205?50 series tire TOO thin to run on 16x8".

So before the tires get here.. what should I be aware of (besides running a
slightly smaller overall diameter of tires/wheel together)?
Thanks again.