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Re: Delayed starts: '90 200

> That might help a little.

> > be that simple?  Bleeding injector or check valve?  My Bently manual is 

> Could be also.

Very likely.  2 seconds is how long it usually takes to build up
fuel pressure if it has leaked down.  My 5kCSQ doesn't hold
pressure very well (most likely fuel pump check valve).
The crank for 2s, release key, wait for a second then try again
method results in immediate starts for me.

(There is method in this.  The ECU waits a little while after
the engine stops turning before shutting off the fuel pump.
With full fuel pressure, on the second attempt, the CIS plate
jumps off its rest, gives an immediate flow of fuel and
as soon as the timing marks line up and make the ECU happy
enough to give a spark, off it goes.)