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Re: Wrecked at 120 MPH...

Levent Cur wrote:
> Hey all,
>         I was just driving down my freeway in my area here and the bottom engine
> plastic cover broke off and i drove over it at 120 MPH...  The car still
> feels wishy washy but i just got home now and the SP Sport 8000's
> 225/50/16's are very warm still...  I really hope nothing happened to the
> suspension...  Ummm....  also how much does a new piece of plastic cost???
Not sure about the piece of plastic but that's probably the least of
your worries right now--check the underside of the car, esp. brake
lines, exhaust system, gas tank, and other things that stick out.  Also
probably the oil pan.  Do you know why it fell off?  Had it been

Glad you made it home in one piece!

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