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Re: Wrecked at 120 MPH...

Plastic engine cover is nothing, try hitting a damn big snapping
turtle at 85mph. Thought it was just a dead critter in the road,
(at night) tried to straddle it, all of a sudden heard some serious
thumping as this damn thing goes under the car. Stopped when
I got to the next town, no apparent damage underneath (those
cats are really low to the ground, glad it didn't take them out).

BTW, if you find a cheap source for those panels, let me know
too. My 1993 90S is missing one too.

Levent Cur wrote:

> Hey all,
>         I was just driving down my freeway in my area here and the bottom engine
> plastic cover broke off and i drove over it at 120 MPH...  The car still
> feels wishy washy but i just got home now and the SP Sport 8000's
> 225/50/16's are very warm still...  I really hope nothing happened to the
> suspension...  Ummm....  also how much does a new piece of plastic cost???

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