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Re: 4kq parts and an explination

The MS Windows98 beta team told me to do it: "If you do not have an OEM 
recovery CD, then you should reformat your hard disk and install "clean"." 
This is from the two page hand out that came with the final beta CD. I'm 
not saying it's their fault, I was the one who didn't back everything up...

Audi content: Why does the 4k have such a pathetic trunk? My girlfriend's 
similarly shaped Jetta has a massive trunk, yet my 4k is so sad... I didn't 
really care until I had to take two of my spare 4k doors home, and they fit 
into her trunk no problem (I could fit the door seals in my trunk)   =)

Date:	Sun, 21 Jun 1998 08:09:17 -0700
From:	"Joe Rae" <quattro@ptinet.net>
Subject:	Re: 4kq parts and an explination

Who told you to do a clean install and? what did that entitle? Formatting 
the drive or simply renaming the windows directory? The only reason that We 
would say for you to do a clean install is if something was not working in 
the first place.
Also was it MS or was it Compaq or dell or something like that?
Joe Rae
MS Senior Technical Support engineer
87 audi 4000csq

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Date:	Sunday, June 21, 1998 4:44 PM
Subject:	FS: 4kq parts and an explination

>Hi all,
> Sorry I haven't gotten back to some of you about parts and what not, but 
>couple weekends ago I got the final version of Win98 from MS, and being a
>good little boy, followed their advice of doing a clean install to get rid