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FS: 15x6 4x108 BBS RA rims $150

After seeing the Speedlines mounted up on the 4ktq, I'm less than motivated
to do anything with my other set of 15" rims.  I know there are several
people out there who were looking for a cheap set of 15" rims for 4kq's,
well this is about as cheap as you'll see them.

As stated in the subject line, these are BBS rims, RA model from what I've
determined.  They are 15x6" in size, have a 33mm offset and fit a 4kq.  I'm
asking $150, and here's why....

PO spent lots of time in the pot holes of NY and Long Island.  Three of the
rims were holding air prior to having their tires shucked.  The other rim is
less than round, had the bead broken and didn't hold air when I purchased
them.  Would definitely benefit from a visit to a wheel shop.  The original
color of the rims was gold, which the PO resprayed a grey/silver.  They are
pretty well covered in brake dust to boot.  Most places want close to $100
to straighten a wheel.

Any interest, drop me a line off-list.  Buyer pays shipping.  Rims located
in Central NH.