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RE: R1s


-glen  (Sounds Like BS To Me)

Subject:  Re: R1s

Just some info on the R1's in case it useage of the tires matters.
Lime Rock Park (or was it Watkins Glen??) is not allowing the R1's at 
"Club Events".It seems that the two deaths have been attributed to the
fact that the vehicles involved were wearing R1's.The reason behind the
ban,"the tires were up to the task but the drivers were not".
Sort of a "shoot the messenger deal".

The theory being,a dot performance tire gives warning  before "traction
goes away".The R1's don't seem to give any advance notice.I feel it's
more a driver problem but given their position they couldn't just say
"sorry".So,to try to limit the corner speeds they are taking away some
grip.Thats all I know about it.