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Re: '89 200 Quattro to part out

Hey guys, about the '89 200 Quattro that I wanted to part out, Uhhh,
nevermind. I just went to see the 200 Q. It's total toast. The entire car
burned. I thought there was only a small engine fire. They didn't tell me
there was
nothing left! The only thing worth salvaging are the 2 rear quarter panels,

the back doors, the deck lid and the rear bumper. There are 3 good wheels
with new tires (tires on Friday). These are those fancy kind that match the
white pearl paint. I'll have pictures to post tomorrow so if anyone's still
interested in
those parts... I still have to dig under the back seat to see if the
made it (new also) I just spent 1K on this car this month. Good news for Q
owners though - everything in the trunk made it OK .