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Audi Service Training manuals vs. Bentley manual

To:   quattro
Hey, folks,

I'm considering picking up the Audi Service Training manuals. But I'm
wondering, is my money better spent on the Bentley? The two training
manuals that I'd be picking up are: "The New Audi 100 [1992 Model]" (8/91),
and "The New Audi V6 Engine with MPI Engine Management System" (8/91)

The details, according to Scott Mo's tech page are:

  WSP-521-212-00  The New Audi 100 (1992 Model) (8/91)

  64 pages, B/W, Content: Introduction, V6 Engine, MPI System (engine
  management), transmission, front suspension, rear suspension, brake
  system, steering, Doors, Body assembly, Air conditioning, Climate
  Control, Electrical system, Central Locking/Alarm, Power Windows,
  Electric Seats, memory mirrors, Infrared Remote Control, Headlight
  washers, Temperature display, Radio.

  WSP-521-213-00  The New Audi V6 Engine with MPI (Multi-Point-Injection)
  Engine Management System (8/91)

  76 pages, B/W, Content: V6 Engine Introduction: Crankcase and crankshaft,
  cylinder head, poly ribbed belt, Oil circuit and engine lubrication,
  cooling system, Crankcase ventilation, intake manifold, engine technical
  information. MPI ENGINE MANAGEMENT: Fuel supply, fuel tank ventilation,
  MPI system Overview: Component locations, ECU Inputs: air mass sensor,
  coolant temperature sensor, reference and speed sensor, hall sensor,
  throttle valve potentiometer/idle switch, knock sensors, oxygen sensors.
  ECU Outputs: fuel injectors, Power stage/ignition coils, idle stabilizer,
  Intake Manifold changeover value, EGR Frequency valve, EGR Temp sensor,
  Fuel pump relay. VAG 1551 Fault Diagnosis, Functional wiring diagram.

There's been talk on the list about these manuals lately, however, I have
the entire listing, posted by Dan and Scott Mo a while back, according to
Dymet posted to my bulletin board here as "something to buy and something
to do".

Anyway, does anyone have any experience with both the training manuals and
the Bentley. The price difference is astounding so I'm assuming that the
information difference must be parallel as well, correct?

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 38k mi