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Re: door handles, ashtrays and window switches

> >But, if you have ever driven a girl home after a night out and opened
> >the passenger door from the inside for her, you will never want the
> >handles to be lighted ;-)
> Surely a gentleman always opens the passenger door from the outside?

You are on your way home from dinner (the movies, the races etc.) and you and
your girlfriend have just had a bit of a tiff. You pull up in front of her
house and she starts groping madly for the door handle, ready to catapult
herself from the car as quickly as possible! You let her struggle for a moment
or two and then say calmly: "May I?" She falls back into the seat pouting as
you lean across her and start fumbling with the door yourself. As you do this,
she gets a whiff of your cologne, the cologne she gave you last
Christmas...she remembers how cute you were back then as you rang her doorbell
carrying that little puppy with the big red bow around its neck. A smile
creeps back to her lips. Just then, you finally find the door handle, but she
grabs your hand and stops you from opening it................

I'll leave the rest to your imaginations. 
Many a relationship may have been saved by Audi door handles.

95A6q pearl