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Re: Dealer Horror Story - need advice

>>> In summary, The car has gone over 400 miles (the dealer put on 200) and
will have been out of service for 7 full days just for warranty related items
in the 1 weeks I've owned it!   So, what should I do?<<<

BTDT, (kind of) I got some very good advice from the list at that time.
Specially from Phil Payne who said PUT IT IN WRITING. I would take your very
succinct post, print it out and then fax it to Audi of America (fax#
248-340-4660) first thing Monday morning. Regardless of whether this horror
story straightens itself out on Monday, I think they need to know the kind of
stunts their representatives i.e. the dealerships are pulling!

After much aggravation, my run-in had a happy ending, I hope yours does too.

95A6q pearl