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Re:Bosch Headlights for Ur-Q

At 04:06 PM 6/25/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm looking at replacing my 4 headlight system (high/low Cibie) with the two
>headlight system (Bosch European) on a 83 ur-q.  The lights are actually for
>the 86 MY.  I already have the 86 grill.   Are there any BTDT's?  The Cibies
>reflectors are rusting so I have to replace them anyway,  I was hoping to
>update the look at the same time.
>83 Ur-Q
>86 5ktqw
I did it on our '82 urq a week after I bought it over 2 years ago.  I just
last month finally got around to upgrading the wiring and installing a
battery jump post from a 5ktq up near the shroud for the radiator.

When I purchased my single lense headlights, they were $500 total from
Shokan.  They are alot more now.  These are the slanted units that replace
the headlights and do not provide a big ugly yellow turn marker like a 4k.

I also had to replace my grill with a used unit out of a '85 -'87
4k/4kq/coupe, as well as the plastic spacers/trim pieces that are above and
below the headlights.  With the exception of the headlights themselves,
everything can come from the cars mentioned above.

I definitely updates the look of the car!

If you have specific questions, shot them my way and I will try to answer


John Karasaki