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Audi's VR4 20v triple cam? (Audi's patents)

Hey- I thought I'd share this with the gang:
Its a database of US patents with data and drawings.

I used AUDI AG in the search engine and found over 100 patents for Audi!

Some more memorable:
The VR4 triplecam 20v (gotta see that)
A method of mounting plastic fenders (New Beetle?)
Various aluminum bits (extrusions, casting methods)
W12 exhaust design
Hybrid car (Audi Duo)
Crumple Zone designs

Like I said, it has the drawings to browse. I guess I could spend hours
looking over the tech data (aka geek?).

So, have fun- If you find anything interesting in that database, I'd
like to hear about it!!

Jason Palmer
97 a4 1.8T mtm w/ AUDI AG patented rear bumper crush zones