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Re: Audi's VR4 20v triple cam? (Audi's patents)

Don't forget the, er, more vague titles :) :

Motor Vehicle
Internal Combustion Engine
Vehicle with a safety system
Gearshift device
Instrument panel for a motor car

I know I know .. it's just the titles.. but still :)

Here is an interesting one:
Movable glove compartment having a rear mounted, remotely actuated lock
   - check out the pictures here.... cool, I want one

Did we see this one ever? 4716735: Exhaust gas turbo-supercharger for a
vehicle system... sounds cool

How about 5022830: Submerged Fuel pump ... oh, thanks Audi!

Check out the slew of gear-shift interlocking devices and things issued in

Gee... looks like Team Door Handle didn't make the list!  What would it
be, hmm... 
4719630: Ingeniously crappy door handles
4719283: Cost-saving pot-metal usage in motor vehicles
3096581: Method of incurring vehicle owner aggrivation and sustaining
         parts sales

Hah... okay, I'm rambling - and a good mornign to the list!


On Thu, 25 Jun 1998, Jason Palmer wrote:

> Hey- I thought I'd share this with the gang:
> http://www.patents.ibm.com/
> Its a database of US patents with data and drawings.
> I used AUDI AG in the search engine and found over 100 patents for Audi!
> Some more memorable:
> The VR4 triplecam 20v (gotta see that)
> A method of mounting plastic fenders (New Beetle?)
> Various aluminum bits (extrusions, casting methods)
> W12 exhaust design
> Hybrid car (Audi Duo)
> Crumple Zone designs
> Like I said, it has the drawings to browse. I guess I could spend hours
> looking over the tech data (aka geek?).
> So, have fun- If you find anything interesting in that database, I'd
> like to hear about it!!
> Jason Palmer
> 97 a4 1.8T mtm w/ AUDI AG patented rear bumper crush zones

                    [PGP] finger mchang@ece.nwu.edu