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Theft-proofinks (was china angina va..nevermind)

>> Anyone for a thread on how to keep your car from being stolen?
I'm game, (duh, otherwise I wouldn't be writing)

>State Police baseball cap in my back window, as well as a State Police 
>Airborne Surveillance cap, and military stickers in the back window, and 
>military plates.  It seems to have worked so far, definitely saved me 

Legit millitary plates? Purple heart? Honerably discharged? (They should
have MACVSOG! I was on a two laner, speed lim65, and I came up behind a
NICE Caddie Eldo, with MACVSOG as a vanity plate. Came up by him in the
other lane, saluted and thumbs up, but I'm not sure if he got the message.
Probably thought I was some idiot trying to carjack him.. oh well)

>under the seat, even with a CD player it might look like a bad tape 

I've got an older pioner CD changer head, with a DIAL (! nice, huh!?) and a
half-removeable face. Theives don't break into cars to steal POS lookin'
stereos, esp. if you put a couple pieces of masking tape on it, to make it
look like it's falling apart. Masking tape over the dial works good. I left
it in an office park (high day visibility, empty at night) for a week and a
half (if I didn't have to, I wouldn't have), and everything was totally cool.

Then, I've got SOF and Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement magazines
highly visable on the passenger seat and rear deck. There's always some
random shotgun shells in there, some spent, some not; an occasional _empty_
holster. Works for me.

On a side topic, have you fellas seen the Kevlar body panels being
produced? A few months ago, there was a feature in G&W for law enf. about a
company who produces sheets of kevlar, intended to be applied to the
outside of existing paint jobs. They fit them around the majority of the
door panels (aside from a margin of some small amount), and paint them the
color of the car. (most cop cars, this is white) It can be painted any
color though, and is supposed to be removable without ruining the original
finish, if desired. It's 3/8" thick, I believe...probably threat level III
or IIIA.
This came about due to the easy perferability of most doors, and thus they
aren't good for cover, which they commonly are used as. Front doors are
pretty good, rear doors are like plywood.. trunks are like paperboard... 
sounds like a hell of a good idea, if you ask me. I'd go with a tougher
windshield and serperate the trunk from the passenger compartment with a
combination of steel and spectra. Some preotection for the hood / grille
area would be nice, also. Throw on some run-flats, and you'd be cool in a
hot situation. you could either git yo ass tha hell outta there, or engauge
the aggressor with the modified CAR-15 in your go bag, and give your
passenger your back up MP5. (What? You don't keep a car-15 in your go bag?
You don't have a go bag? You don't have a CAR-15?!?! What tha hell's wrong
with children these days!?!?)

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