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Re: Theft-proofinks (was china angina va..nevermind)

Brooks Ellis wrote:
> On a side topic, have you fellas seen the Kevlar body panels being
> produced? A few months ago, there was a feature in G&W for law enf. about a
> company who produces sheets of kevlar, intended to be applied to the
> outside of existing paint jobs. They fit them around the majority of the
> door panels (aside from a margin of some small amount), and paint them the
> color of the car. (most cop cars, this is white) It can be painted any
> color though, and is supposed to be removable without ruining the original
> finish, if desired. It's 3/8" thick, I believe...probably threat level III
> or IIIA.

You can get an A8 heavily armored from the factory.  Interesting
-Audi states that the upgraded suspension will go 1-1.2 million Km
without any kind of repair or maintenance
-There's a button that detonates explosives to open the doors
-Weighs up to 3 tons, depending on how much armor you want
-The car can withstand the simultaneous explosions of two hand grenads,
15kg of geosite (?) charge, and carbin, machine gun, and revolver fire
*at the same time*.
-There's an intercom system to the outside (rear windows don't open;
front windows only open halfway)
-Special tires, sirens, cell phones, a fax machine, 100 meter remote
start, AWD, and tiptronic, heated seats, etc etc etc.

"People in the computer industry use the word 'user,' which to them
means 'idiot.'" 
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