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Re: 5kcstq clutch, master or slave dead

Wallace White wrote:
> Update: I went to see the car. The clutch pedal feels like it's connected
> only to a spring, pushing it either to the floor or all the way up, i.e.
> you start to pull the pedal up from the floor and then you pass a stable
> point and then it springs the rest of the way up. It doesn't appear to
> have lost any brake fluid. The clutch does not disengage. Does that help?
> - Wallace
> > >A week ago the throw out bearing died on my 5kcstq, so I got a new clutch
> > >in Albuquerque in the middle of my cross-country trip. Then today, I
> > >dropped the car off at a shop here in Nashville, TN, for a wheel balancing
> > >and A/C check (it's a lot hotter here than it was in California!).
> > >Tonight, I came home to a message that the clutch pedal fell limp to the
> > >floor at the shop. Rats.
> > >
> > >I understand that the master and/or slave can die shortly after the clutch
> > >does. That makes sense, given the high force the clutch pedal needed
> > >before the clutch was replaced. So, tomorrow I will scramble to get either
> > >or both cylinders and the hose (thanks to a lister for the part numbers
> > >already), and I really hope to leave Nashville as planned on Sunday
> > >morning.
> > >
> > >Any BTDT's on replacing these? I've got the Bentley, though it's sitting
> > >in the car at the shop right now. I may be better off doing it myself,
> > >since I'd rather not repeat last week's experience of a Friday repair
> > >getting delayed and the shop being closed all weekend.
> > >
> > >Hopefully my luck will improve for the substantial remainder of my
> > >roadtrip. TIA.
> > >
> > >- Wallace White
> > >  '87 5kcstq 141k; brand-new bomb, MFT sensor, clutch; but dead MC or
> > >  slave (eventually I'll have everything replaced :)
> > >
> > >
> >

Sounds like the master cylinder.