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Re: whatta weekend

Ken Keith wrote:

> Oh well.  I hope everyone else had a better weekend than me, or
> at least more productive.  Got the laundry and shopping done anyway.

** Pinkham Notch, NH - Under nearly perfect conditions Sunday, Frank
** from Mississauga, Ontario became the new "King Of The Hill" at Mt.
** Washington.

"nearly perfect"??? it was around 70 degrees, low humidity, light
breeze, almost no clouds... when I was but a little boy I thought that
was what heaven was like!

Don't worry Ken, there will be better days for you, too.  

BTW, I *had* to go to this.  When I missed the Kancamangus run in
October 1996, I drowned my engine the next day.  Fierce gods, them Audi

Congrats to Frank, that car is a screamer, and pretty to boot!

Huw Powell