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ur-quattro in a den of subarus

In message <0D1316C4DFFED0118B990000F804E8BC267E98@MOENT1.MINEDU.GOVT.NZ> Eaton Dave writes:

> i next undertook the same turns and, once in the turns, took my hands
> from the wheel!  the car continued the turn with absolutley no drama
> whatsoever.  the steering wheel remained on lock, and the car tracked
> without any drama whatever through the turn.  i did this with my arms
> folded to the bemusement of some of the spectators!

Part trick.  Get it turning and start tuning the radio.  Winds up the
passenger a treat first time - did it to a journalist a couple of weeks

Back on the list, BTW, after a fun week and weekend.

Had a lad turn up on Saturday with an MB that "isn't running right".

True - it's hardly running AT ALL!  Tried codes - no response from ECU.
Swapped in my spare ECU, got every code in the book.  The game starts
with the inlet air temperature sensor.  OK - in the order they're
called, let's look at inlet air.

Easy to see the problem - it's not attached.  The undertray is also
missing, as are the mounting bushes and even the flanges on the oil
cooler the bushes attach to.  The oil cooler looks like it's fallen
down a mountain.  Attach the inlet air sensor, and try again.  Orin's
neat little WGFV light shows we're not getting WOT.  Replace the WOT
switch and try another run.  WOW! BOOST! And "check engine" lights
every ten yards.

Every sensor is now called - timing, RPM, knock, the lot.  I decide to
give up and pass the problem to BR Motorsport, who are better equipped
than me.  Interesting question - what about the other warning lights?

Two are disconnected - brake and alternator.  Reconnecting both - the
car has zero brake boost pressure after standing for only ten minutes,
and the alternator light flickers all the time.  Quick check under
the steering column, and the clutch master cylinder is leaking badly.

Oh - and two of the bolts that hold the power steering/brake pump
between its mounting plates are missing, so the belt is fouling the cam
belt cover.  The safety cover off the power steering belt is missing.
The left front undertray and the intake hose for the injector coolers
are also missing, as is the rear injector fan mounting.

Won't cause any problems, though, because the pump control wire isn't
plugged onto the heatshield thermoswitch.

Left front brake caliper is leaking fluid.

The car's also had at least two heavy frontal impacts - one relatively
square, and one on the front left corner.  The front of the frame is
distorted by around 5-6 mm.

And the exhaust manifold is mega-cracked.

 Phil Payne
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