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Re: RE: appropriate replacement car

>Its on my list too as soon as I find a loose 25 big ones.  My question is:
Don't.  Buy a better-looking(purely my opinion here; I hate the nose of
that car), lighter, 200q 20v for HALF the money and laugh all the way to
the bank(or laugh all the way to IA/Hoppen/TAP/etc. AND the bank.)  Another
benefit is that you share so many parts with all of the type 44's while on
an S4/S6 it's very different stuff.

I do think that the S4/S6 have a much better climate control head, and the
lighting system is much better than the type 44's.  Otherwise, they're
equal; it's a quick and fairly painless(compared to the price of an S4/6)
upgrade to  Euros, so that leaves the climate control.  For $$K, I can deal
with an ugly GM CC head, thank you.

>how come I never read of pearl S4/6s for sale, or see them on the street?
Cause Pearl's a lousy color(ut oh...)*

*For those of you not on the 200q20v list, Rob Winchell, Chris Miller and I
have been having a wonderful time engaging in a spirited arguement over
Pearl white's attractiveness.  I personally think it looks cool _new_, but
lousy as hell when it's old because of the mylar's aging(for example, look
inside the engine compartment of a Pearl car.  Guarantee it's brown/yellow
compared to the outside because of uneven aging, UV exposure, and heat.  If
the paint does that, it's lousy under my book.)  I also think it's stupid
how if you need to repaint a panel, you can't just repaint that one panel,
you have to re-do the entire car for it to look OK from 20 feet.  Anyways,
it's been re-hashed so many times, let's let it rest with the simple
statement of "whatever floats yer boat." :)

Brett Dikeman
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