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Re: Incomplete Re-fueling

<<Ummm... Don't run your injected car out of fuel. Bad for the fuel pump.
Plus, it could be dangerous. Car could stall in the middle of an intersection
for example.>>

Tell that to my sister.  She has gone through 1 pump already.  I got to push
it up an on ramp when it went.  That was a loong ramp.  Then, I thought, Oh,
I'll be a nice brother and put gas in her car.  Next thing I know, I'm pushing
it through an intersection, and around a corner, 1 block from the gas station.
She's run it out of gas before (couple times).  Ya know, she really should pay
more attention to Mr. Autocheck Display.

-Eric Ferguson
'90 CQ 20v
'88 90 (4-cyl, sister's)
'87 5ksq