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Re: Correlation b/w no hands and torsen?

I've already suggested to Dave E. to get chassis specialists to look at the
cars' setups and maybe start piecing things together.  THe only way this is
going to be solved is controlled testing with the cars in question, in one
arena, with the same driver, tires, and anything else that can eliminate
erronious factors.  My CQ has U-O-U once in the dry, and has _not_ repeated
this behaviour.  In the wet, I can get U-O-U anytime I want to in corners.
Maybe the body roll of the T-44 cars is enough to upset/fool/whatever the
torsen.  Ur's don't have as much body roll (at least in my memory of them,
it's been years since we've owned one).  Let's start gathering real, physical
data.  I know that it can happen, and that on Ur's, it may not.  Only correct
testing and chassis dynamics will start to unravel Boris's web.

-Eric Ferguson
Enough with the childish chatter.  i _know_ I'm younger than you guys, but...
Anyways, let's get testing! :-)