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Valve Clatter

	You are going to hear a lot of different advice on this topic, but here's
what works in MY car:
	My 85 coupe has had noisy lifters for 3 years. I tried switching to
synthetic, Mobil 1, but the noise got louder: the mechanic said something
about old engines needing thicker oil, so now I run Castrol GTX 20-50 -with
great results. However, it it wasn't for a product called "Swepco 502 Oil
Improver", I would have shelled out the $300 for the lifter work. Add a bottle
(8 ounces or so, $16) with your next couple oil changes and the noise will
disappear- at least until the oil's dirty again. Currently for me, every other
oil change needs the additive. How it works, I don't know, it just does.  
Shane East