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RE: Personal Edition - Poor Quality

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I am currently using the Alldata CD which contains information relating to
my 1992 Audi 100CS non-quattro sedan. While I do find the information on
the CD useful, I would dearly love to see more repair oriented information,
along with a search function which would allow me to better access the
information on the CD (granted this might be a little tough based on the
graphic format of much of the information contained on the CD).

As far as Alldata's "bang for the buck", it's right up there; don't get me
wrong. The information/price quotient is staggering when you consider what
is actually on the CD for a mere $25 (at least that was the asking price
when I was looking last year, but I won my copy in the Alldata contest!),
it's just that it's difficult to find. In my experience, I've found more
information by simply loading up all of the TSB's and randomly going
through them. The same practice is helpful when going through the separate
information folders.

I think most consumers that actually care enough to hunt down the Alldata
product tend more towards the mechanically inclined, or automotive
interested in the very least. We on the quattro list (whose numbers are in
the thousands worldwide, btw) exchange information daily on the subject of
Audi repair and modification/enhancement. The Alldata products are
consistently mentioned on the quattro list, but I believe the consensus
leans toward the Bentley manuals ($100 - $275 a copy) because they contain
not only the information that is available through Alldata (minus the
TSB's, which are also available through Audi and the NHTSA), but also
repair information.

In my particular case, I would like to find out how to remove the inner
panel of my driver's door, hunt down the cause of a cold hesitation, and
diagnose the cause of a lumpy idle. The Alldata CD in these situations does
not help me, unless there was a TSB issued by Audi that fits the scenarios
that I've described.

If, in the future, Alldata was to incorporate repair information in the CD
products which rivaled the information found in the Bentley manuals, then
you can bet that there is one group of repair-oriented, hi-tech,
email-based group of folks that would be first in line, with money in hand
ready to buy that product. Also, if the search function, which I mentioned
above was included, then it would be the easiest and most comprehensive
product available for us to use in the upkeep of our Audi's.

Walt, I do not speak for everyone on the quattro list; these are simply my
opinions, however, I do believe that a lot of us feel the same way. Alldata
puts out a good product, but there is an untapped market out here, and
we're buying Bentley's by the truckload. I guess the question is, does
Alldata see the chance it has to steal some of that business? Hell, you
guys could hedge your bet and sell the repair info as a separate module, in
the same manner that you already sell the  TSB information, or additional
vehicles information. Food for thought, from a current customer.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond.

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 39k mi

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Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 09:49:59 -0700
From: "Samuelson, Walt" <walt@alldata.com>
Subject: RE: Personal Edition - Poor Quality

  Somethings amiss here because we don't change any information from the
  professional CD to the consumer CD.  So, what you found at DuMark's is
  also on the consumer CD.

  Some points:

  1.  We cover from '82 -'93 at this time on the consumer CD.  '94 and '95
  information will be available over the next couple months.
  2.  There is a lot of information we don't provide associated w/the
  vehicle body and other areas that the club members may be looking for.
  We do provide TSB information for body, for example; but not how to
  repair door handles, heated mirrors, etc.

  I'd be interested in the club members' concerns and would be happy to
  communicate with them on what to expect from ALLDATA.

  Thanks for the feedback.

  Walt Samuelson
  SVP, Customer Operations
  800.829.8727, ext. 3033