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Re: Personal Edition - Poor Quality

I too bought the personal edition CD for the 1993 90, about two years ago.
I did not expect it to be a replacement for a factory repair manual, but I
was still disappointed.

What put me off the most about the CD was the amount of incorrect or out-
of-date information. Many of the charts and tables have entries for
late-1980s Audis and for the 1990-91 model years, but most don't cover
1993, the model year for which I bought the CD!

The 1993 Audi 90 is significantly different then the preceeding 80/90
models and most previous Audis. The closest relative is the 1992 100.
While undoubtedly some of the assembies are common to previous generations,
I'm disturbed by relying on information which could be incorrect.

One example off the top of my head is the table for brake specifications.
It lists caliper types, rotor dimensions, torque values, etc. for
just about every Audi *except* the 1993 90...

Elliott Potter wrote:

> -Technical service bulletins are nice!  But there is no way to update
> them, so I'm now missing a few.  Since this was one of the few useful
> features of the CD, it's unfortunate that it won't be of much use in
> another year.

My sentiments exactly. I've seen a number of interesting bulletins
on the web site that were released after I bought my CD...

Generally, I've found more information about my car in the TSBs than
in the remainder of the CD.

> -The lack of organization doesn't help, either.  When I was looking at a

I have also found this to be a problem. In general browsing, I find
so little information that I conclude it must not be there. Some of the
time, however, it's just that I haven't been able to *find* it.

-Chris Newbold
1993 90CS