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Re: Trunk Lock(and re-keying gas caps.)

At 01:23 PM 7/1/98 -0400, you wrote:

>Speaking of locks, how can one re-key the locking gas cap?  Could a
>locksmith get it apart and do it?  One of the previous owners switched gas
>caps on the car.  Idea #2 was can I get, through a dealer, a new cap that
>is keyed using my keycode?  I lock the cap all the time, so I feel naked
>without one that locks...and I don't want an aftermarket cap.
I've re-keyed the gas cap several times.  All you need is a 3 jaw puller
and a dime size piece of steel plate.  Place the plate over the lock
cylinder and position the 3 jaw evenly around the plastic cap.  Slowly
tighten the center screw until the plastic cap pulls off.  On the last one
I did, the 3 jaw slipped on me and chipped the plastic cover so take your
time.  You can now remove the lock cylinder by pulling the clip off the
end.  Rearrange the keys, or remove the keys as necessary so that your
ignition key correctly depresses keys flush with the lock cylinder.  To
re-assembly it helps to have a press and a 30MM socket.  Place the socket
on the bottom of the gas cap and press on the plastic cap with the
appropriate bushing.


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