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Re: Decals?


Since I started this most recent thread on decals, I guess I should
finish it with the answers that the other Q-listers were gracious enough
to give me!  It seems the best place to start is with Blaufergnugen,
(www.audiquattroparts.com), which also sells some other really cool
things for Audi's like Euro-headlights.  Another person to speak with is
Ira Deere, who is a Q-list member.  If he hasn't read your post, I don't
think he'd mind if you e-mailed him directly at IraT@aol.com.  He's
currently making me the side door "Rings" and a pair of "Audi Sport" side
window decals.  Also, check out Eric Fluhr's Audi Coupe website for some
great pictures of his custom winshield decal.  Eric, too, is a Q-list
member, and his web page is at
www.igdc.com/ejfluhr/audi/pics/coupepics.html.  Many other listers
answered this question, and I'd once again like to thank them.  I hope
this helps!


`85-`86 CGT
`82 Coupe (R.I.P.)

On Wed, 1 Jul 1998 08:10:35 -0400 glen <gpowell@acacianet.com> writes:
>Where can I get the 'factory style' windshield decal as used on the 
>80s factory rally cars
>and also the very large "AUDI football" sticker for the hood?

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