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RE: Oops! No turn signals, rad. fan or wipers in 89 200 Tqw

Stott wrote:
>>Another data point. <snip> The PO had tapped into a full time powered fuse
to run an alarm system.  In the process, he managed to widen >>the contact
in the fuse box enough that the circuit was broken.  Symptoms for that
circuit were radiator fan would run, and wipers didn't work.
>>Of course, the car had already overheated initially and needed a new head
gasket shortly thereafter...


Oooohhhh!!! Not a head gasket...Please Audi Gods, remember, I said I _Love_
this car!

Seriously, this is a good point, Stott. A couple of weeks ago I removed a
"piggy back clip" from the fuse box, that the PO must have had running to
some accessory (phone? CD player?). Anyway, it was a blue wire that
terminated under the rear seat... they had just clipped it off and left the
(LIVE!) end uncapped. <sigh>.

Anyway, now that I think about it, my problem fuse might in that same
location. It's possible I didn't even damage this fuse with my electrical
miscues -- instead, I may have just jostled this wide connection when I was
replacing the actual blown fuse.

Anyway, I'm much relieved, to say the least.  I'm headed on the road Friday
for a week of driving around Montana come Friday? I wonder what a prudent
and reasonable speed is for a heavily loaded tqw with Yakima Rocket box on
top and wife, dog and a week's worth of Black Star (oops, that's Royal, I'm
more of a Bachelor Brewing guy), I mean, camping gear?

Thanks again.


89 200 tqw... hmmm.... what shall I spend my auto-electric budget on? The
dog is lobbying for tinted windows.
<sold today> 90 90Q20v ... it shall be missed.