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Re: Oops! No turn signals, rad. fan or wipers in 89 200 Tqw

Put that piggy back clip back in. Just don't plug any accessories into
it. I had the same problem last week. I removed an alarm from a 4k. At
the same time I did some work on the instrument cluster. Afterwards the
clock didn't work. I thought I had messed something in the dash up, but
then I noticed that the lighter also had no power. Bentley steered me
right to the fuse I had removed the power tap from. Put it back and
everything works again. The contacts in the fuse box must be spread from
the power tap.

> Seriously, this is a good point, Stott. A couple of weeks ago I removed a
> "piggy back clip" from the fuse box, that the PO must have had running to
> some accessory (phone? CD player?). Anyway, it was a blue wire that
> terminated under the rear seat... they had just clipped it off and left the