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Re: Damark r 134a conversion

I can't say that I would trust Damark to have a quality kit for
A/C conversion. I think you would be better off going to
your local reputable parts store and getting a kit that
includes new O-rings, the proper oil, the new inlet/outlet
valves, and the refrigerant. Of course you might need
new hoses, and other misc stuff too. If you are going to do
it, you might as well pay the money and do it right. Less
hassle and expense that way.

Oh by the way, Damark is located here in the Twin Cities,
if you call them, speak very clearly and slowly. From what
I hear, most of the people answering the phones are popping
or smoking something that isn't legal.

Sachelle Babbar wrote:

> I saw a conversion kit in the recent Damark catalogue for something like
> ~$50. Can a kit at this price possibly have all needed for the conversion?

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