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RE: V8 quattro's, automatics and 5-speeds

>>     Of course, if you can get your hands on a Euro 4.2 with
>>     a 5 speed, it might be a little easier, but even then I
>>     doubt there would be much parts crossover from a later
>>     model to an earlier model.  

Can I take that as confirmation that the 4.2 was indeed sold in Europe with the 5 Spd?
(I know that virtually that the auto-to-stick ratio very different there than it is here in the
U.S. but there could always be exceptions...)

Wow! 276 hp with the 5spd.  Just thinking of it makes me want to call an importer...

On second thought, never mind.

Dave Via
91CQ (...which will do just fine for now, thank you.)

P.S.  The quattro community *REALLY* needs a V8Q web site!  The sadomasochist in me
says that one of these days I just have to own a V8.  Heck - I've owned virtually every other
engine that Audi's ever made, so I'd hate to miss out on one.