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RE: Dynamic of UR-QUATTRO 20v


the 20v ur-q is a pretty different sort of beast to (particularly) the
generation 1 car (pre-'88).  the engine wiith the 20v head has peak
torque figures at 1950 rpm.  what this means is that, when driving, you
have instant torque when required as long as the rpms are above 2k.  in
the earlier cars, you'd need to be >3,500 for the same effect.  in
addition, the power curve extends to over 5,000 and the engine will top
out at about 7,000 with out the roughness of the earlier units.  it
doesn't have the breathing to be much good at high rpms though when
compared to the bigger turbo'ed cars such as the rs2.

in practice however, it is the low-down torque which makes such a
*driveability* difference in the car and makes my ur-q and the rs2 so
different to drive.  the torsen also makes the car understeer much less
than the earlier ones.  the torsen was shared with the generation 2
('88-'89) cars.

it is my opionion, and that of more than one of my friends with other
"hot" awd cars, and the motoring press, that the 20v ur-q is one of the
finest cars for the twisty "b" road known to man.  certainly the best
audi i've driven for this purpose (ur-q's, s2, rs2, others).  it is not
the best highway/city car though (audi has come a long way in this area
since then)...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
> ------------------------------
> Date: Thu, 02 Jul 98 20:51:59 -0500
> From: Stas Ivanov <ctas@carry.neonet.lv>
> Subject: Dynamic of UR-QUATTRO 20v
> Hello !
> I think that it is clear that AUDI (ur)QUATTRO has lack of power under
> 3000rpm , engine lacks boost from turbo till ~3000rpm and camshaft is
> adjusted also for power in 2500-5500rpm range.
> Can anyone write me if dynamic of Ur-QUATTERO  became better in 89
when AUDI
> launched new car Audi Quattro 20v with new 20 valve engine and smaller
> . As I know S2 had almost the same engine and AUDI 200 quattro 20v .If
> anyone has theese cars please share with me some information about
> and its torque .
> Stan